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Card counting Fathers

Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp was the first one who explained the concept of card counting to average players in 1962.

Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland has been managing the most successful blackjack team for thirty years already (since 1979).

Ken Uston

Ken Uston was the best blackjack player, author, card counter and manager of blackjack card counting team.

Team History

Speaking about the MIT team history it is important to mention every period of its development.

The years of their triumph were 1990s when they beat all Las Vegas casinos out of really big money and were not noticed and caught by casino security guards.


The story began in 1979 when a group of MIT students organized the courses 'How to gamble if you must'.

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MIT TEAM: 1980s

1980s were the first attempts of the team to win big money in Atlantic City; they were not successful anyway.

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MIT TEAM: 1990s

This period was the Golden Era for the MIT blackjack team when they won millions of dollars in all casinos.

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MIT Books

Bringing Down the House

by Ben Mezrich

Price on Amazon: $11.21

Busting Vegas

by Ben Mezrich

Price on Amazon: $11.21

Million Dollar Blackjack

by Ken Uston

Price on Amazon: $11.21

MIT Techniques

Find out everything concerning methods and techniques used by the MIT blackjack team for winning! You will reveal the secret of their success and big winnings at once.

Card Counting

Be ready to learn everything regarding such a blackjack winning strategy as card counting! If the information given is not enough for you, discover more at the website!

MIT Members

The MIT blackjack team always welcomed all people who wanted to become professional card counters, but not all of them became noticable. Read about famous team members.

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