Card Counting Fathers

The movie 21 had made the MIT Blackjack Team famous all over again. For more than two decades, the team of students from MIT had played at casinos throughout the world and had won millions of dollars at the tables, changing the way blackjack and team play was viewed for ever.

However, black jack card counting has been developed and tested before years of the origination of the MIT Team. The legendary figures which were responsible for the introduction of this black jack card counting strategy and its development have been listed below:

Edward O Thorp

Edward O Thorp had been a professor of mathematics and an avid blackjack player. He was the first person to write a book proving that it is possible to beat casinos at the game by using card counting methods. Thorp had been a professor at MIT and is considered the father of card counting. His book Beat the Dealer proved everyone the fact that it would be possible to beat a casino out of its money by using special strategies for that.

Tommy Hyland

Thomas Hyland, or as he is popularly known, Tommy Hyland has been one of the most important person in the field of blackjack. He had been an avid blackjack card counter and also the manager and owner of the longest running card counting team in the history of blackjack. Hyland was honored to become one of the 7 initial members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame for his input to the blackjack development.

Ken Uston

Ken Uston is considered to be a legendary figure in the filed of blackjack and card counting. He was among the earliest card counters in the US. Ken Uston is mainly famous for winning a law suit against casinos in which it was ruled by the judge that card counting is legal if done without any outside help. His books The Big Player and Million Dollar Blackjack are widely known today.

MIT Techniques

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MIT Members

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