Other Counting Teams

MIT Blackjack team has been one of the most famous card counting teams in the history of blackjack though it was not alone: other such-called 'mit teams' also were popular and possible to find.

The first ever MIT Team had been formed in 1979 after MIT organized a short course on gambling which taught the students the card counting method.

The students soon formed the first team that travelled to Atlantic City to test their knowledge. Though the first team did not gain much success, with time and practice the MIT Team became famous. In their peak years as a card counting team, MIT team had won millions of dollars at casinos throughout the US and even in other countries.

The fame of the team had increased on the release of the book Bringing Down the House and later again after the movie 21 had been released. However, MIT is not the only card counting team that has existed. The concept of group play has been in practice for decades.

The followers

The first ever time that group card counting teams had been used was by Al Francesco. Al Francesco had been a noted card counter himself and was the one whose strategies had been used by MIT team. Al Francesco had his own team that had been the first of its kind to operate in a group format. His team had also been the first ever to use the Big Player concept in a group format.

Ken Uston, the legendary figure in the field of blackjack had been a part of Al Francesco's team. Another famous card counting team had been of Ken Uston himself. After he split from his original group, Ken Uston had set up his own team of card counters and had travelled to many locations in US to earn huge profits.

Edward Thorpe, the father of card counting had mostly played individually rather than in a group format. However, in the later years he was also known to have his own team of card counters and baccarat.

Several different card counting teams had also sprang up in the later years of MIT team's career. Many of the existing members of the team had split from the group to form their own teams eventually. Among the most famous of such teams had been the ones which were managed by Mike Aponte and Semyon Dukach.

Mike Aponte's team was known as the Reptiles and Semyon Dukach's team was known as the Amphibians. Both of these teams had been highly successful and had played at many casinos even outside of US winning millions of dollars in the process.

MIT Blackjack Team has been remembered by blackjack players all over the world. However, the other card counting teams have also been equally important.

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