Detection Devices

Card counting has been used by blackjack players for decades and is not taken lightly by the casinos. Over the years casinos have developed various strategies to detect card counters and even use various sophisticated technologies to monitor the behavior of players at their casino. Even though card counting without the help of any outside device is legal, several casinos are allowed to ban card counters.

Special Devices

Many automated systems have been designed especially to help casinos detect card counting players:

  • Mindplay system is highly popular. This system scans the value of the cards for all the cards in the deck after the dealer shuffles it just before the commencement of the player.
  • Another device is the ShuffleMaster shoe system which scans the values of the cards one at a time as they exit the shoe.
  • The Protec 21 and Bloodhound software allows voice recognition and input of bets and cards which helps determine the edge of the player in a particular hand. One of the most recent introductions in the filed is using the RFID signatures which have been embedded in the chips of the casino. This system allows the table to track bet amounts placed by the players.

Card Reading Devices

Automatic card reading devices are also used widely by casinos. This technology signals the dealers when a player has an edge over the house so that the dealer can shuffle the cards. Casinos can analyze the behavior, accuracy of play and variation in bet amounts using technology.

Players place larger bet when the have an edge over the house. This is the main way card counters make profits. Software are equipped to generate a plot of the amount of the bet against the count of the cards at the time the bet has been placed to determine which player had been card counting. There would be no trend if the player has not been counting cards. However, with card counters there is always a trend which allows casinos to track them.

Various software is also equipped to gauge with the level of accuracy with which the players have been playing. A normal player would not have a very high level of accuracy, but card counters generally make money because they play very accurately which allows casinos to detect them.

A card counter would change his/her strategy during the game when the counts change. This is done to get an edge over the house. New software and devices have been introduced which can detect if there is a pattern in variation of the play in response to the variation of the count of the cards at the time.

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