Dave Irvine

For a selected group of students from MIT, a unique training in blackjack and the lure of winning immense profit changed the future. What began as just a curiosity, soon became an extremely profitable enterprise for some of them, including Dave Irvine.

MIT Blackjack Team member

Edward Thorp, a professor at MIT began developing a formula for winning at blackjack in 1958. After months of research and analysis, he came up with the famous card counting technique. The world soon spread and MIT formed its legendary blackjack team that we all know today.

In 1994, a group of students were recruited to form a team that would test this blackjack card counting concept. They were tested and trained for the role. Combining the knowledge of their recruiters along with their motivation, the group of students soon set about to take the casinos by storm. The achievement of this famous team was later narrated in the book, Bringing down the House by Ben Mezrich and made into the popular movie, '21'.

David Irvine was a member of this team. He was an engineer and a professional player. David Irvine was one of the characters that had been in the movie '21' and the book Bringing down the House. Dave was a member of the team that had won millions of dollars at the tables in casinos around the world using the card counting technique.

Dave had been recruited by another famous member of the MIT team, Mike Aponte. Along with Mike Aponte, Dave had toured every weekend to the casinos in Vegas and had earned millions of dollars while trying to not catch the attention of the pit bosses.

He, along with the other members of the team had led a lavish lifestyle living at some of the best hotels and hanging out at the coolest nightclubs during the peak in their blackjack career. In 2004, David Irvine along with Mike Aponte founded the Blackjack Institute. The company provides services and products to people that teach them how to win at blackjack.

Since then he has appeared at various events and seminars to talk about his experiences as being a member of the famous team. Dave also co-owns the SBR Technologies Inc. an engineering company which focuses on waste water treatment processes.

Not the MIT member only

Dave had grown up in Indiana in Granger and had graduated in 1989 from Mishawaka, Indiana. He has the MIT bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He also studied for an MBA and another master's degree in Cornell University in 1997. He currently lives in Florida in Naples and still has an undying love for blackjack.

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