Busting Vegas

Busting Vegas is another book based on MIT's team as a follow up of the previous successful book, Bringing Down the House. Ben Mezrich follows the story of new characters and new members of the team.

What is it about?

Overall, the story in Busting Vegas seems to be much the same as the first book but there are still many differences. While both the books talk about the most important members of the team while they learn the ropes of the business and earn their fortunes, the main characters are different. Busting Vegas follows the life of Semyon Dukach as a member of the team.


Semyon Dukachhas been quite open about his experiences in the casinos in the recent years and has appeared in several seminars and TV programs to support the book. However, not all the characters mentioned in the book have identified themselves. Except for Semyon, the names and identities of all the other characters have been protected in the book.

The book is an extremely interesting read because of its constant twists and turns and the nail biting events that have been portrayed. It is even more interesting because the story is based on the real life MIT team.

The book is perfectly balanced; while it is quite appealing to the serious players of the game it isn't highly technical for non-players to not understand it. The book talks about the techniques and methods that were used by Semyon Dukach and his team.

Busting Vegas is definitely worth reading since it provides better understanding about the life of the members of the famous MIT Team as they constantly chase the casinos to make millions of dollars using the card counting techniques while constantly trying to avoid the critical eye of the pit bosses.

The book is quite similar to Bringing Down the House, though many people find the first book more interesting. The book had not been as famous as the author's previous book; however, it had still appeared on the bestselling book list for a few weeks. Those who have read the previous book would still enjoy Busting Vegas since both books talk about totally different members of the team and the events narrated in the book are totally different and are quite gripping.

Although the book is mainly interesting for serious blackjack players, it would be equally interesting for those who have a basic understanding of the game. Everyone can order and buy this book here.

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