Is Card Counting Legal

Card counting strategy is a method which helps player determine their probable advantage at a casino game.

The card counting strategy is mostly used in blackjack for tracking the ratio of high and low cards and in its derivate games like Spanish 21.

In blackjack, an individual player can count cards and take the advantage of the odds by using methods like back counting. However, it is mostly used by teams of card counters in order to gain the maximum benefit. In a normal card counting team there would be counters who would sit at different tables in a casino and would keep the count while playing minimally.

When the count is at its maximum the counter would signal a Big Player who would then play at that table. The Big Player would be responsible for raking in the profits by placing large bets and taking advantage of the count. When the advantage at that particular table decreases he would leave the table, this was the strategy that was used by the famous MIT team and was depicted in the movie 21.

Gambling Laws

Card counting is also done at times with the help of various gadgets and aids; however, it is not legal. In 2009 the Nevada Control Board issued a warning that using devices like iPhone for card counting was illegal in the state. Either ways, most professional players believe that counting with mind is more accurate than using any devices at all.

Most casinos make people believe that card counting is illegal in US and even in other countries. However, card counting without the help of any outside devices is absolutely legal. There are no rules or laws in United States that prohibit players to count cards in blackjack. However, casinos still do whatever they can to discourage card counters if they feel the player has an advantage over the house.

Casinos try to avoid losing their money by adopting various different practices and even make use of advanced technology to detect card counters. However, they also end up banning many normal players in the process. Only in Las Vegas casinos are allowed to ban players since the casinos are private properties there. The owner of the casino can decided which players would be allowed to play and which one should be banned

The most well known case involved Ken Uston who took the casinos in Atlantic City to court for banning him for card counting. Ken Uston won the case when the judge ruled that casinos are not allowed to ban players for simply using their skills to win at the game.

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