The Last Casino

MIT Blackjack Team had become famous in the 1990s after they spent a year playing blackjack in casinos around the world and winning millions in profits through their card counting techniques. The team had begun playing first in 1979 and over the years several new teams and had been formed. Today some black jack films and books are devoted particularly to this team.

Under the direction of some of the best managers in the game, the team flourished and was run like a professional enterprise. The team had even played in casinos in Canada and other smaller island locations around the world when it started becoming increasingly difficult for them to play in the US casinos.

Because of the attention of the casinos that they got and the amount of profit they generated through their enterprise, the team gained much popularity and fame. Their experiences have been chronicled in books since then and even in black jack films.

The Movie Story

The Last Casino is a Canadian movie which had been released in 2004. The movie is based on the concept of card counting and draws inspiration from the book Bringing Down the House. Doug Barnes, a mathematics professor is one of the main characters of the movie.

The Plot

The professor is addicted to gambling and is in huge debt to a gangster. He has been banned from the casinos locally and the gangster pressurizes the professor to clear his debts. He only has one way out. The gangster visits the professor at his office in the University. The professor tries to convince him to give him some time but the gangster pressurizes him to clear his money back.

The professor quickly thinks of an idea and decides to form a small team of players that would use card counting to win money at blackjack. That is the only way left for the professor. He puts the idea across to the gangster and recruits three members for the team from his university.

The students are bright but they are in need of money and the professor promises to pay them $1,000 for each night at the casino. He teaches them the card counting technique and the team soon becomes quite successful.

However, the story takes a turn when the students get tempted by the big money.

The Last Casino is a fun watch, it is entertaining as well as amusing and it takes a light approach towards the card counting strategies and the life led by team members that use the technique.

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