Card Counting Strategies

Card counting is a strategy used in card games for determining the advantage of the player in probable terms. Card counting is used mostly in blackjack by the tracking the ratio of high and low cards in the deck and in various other derivatives of the game like Spanish 21.

Card counting strategies had been widely used by the MIT team and over the years several different card counting techniques have been developed, some of which have been mentioned below.

Basic Techniques

  1. A running count technique is the total of every card's given value. When a balanced count is used like a high low system, the running count is converted in a real count which would also take in consideration the number of decks which are being used. With a high low technique the real count means dividing the running count by the number of decks which haven't been used yet.


  1. Another technique which is often used by players is the unbalanced system of card counting. In this type of technique conversion of the value to a real count is not required due to the nature of the system. The indices or the starting number is based on the number of decks which are being used. There are several different systems of unbalanced counting systems like the Red 7 and the K O system.


  1. The back counting method is also known as Wong-ing. This technique requires an individual standing behind the table where the other players are playing and counting the cards when they are dealt. The method was first developed by Stanford Wong, hence the name.


The player would enter the game when the count indicates high advantage situation for him/her. The player can then take the advantage of the situation and place high bets to get maximum benefits if the count rises and not betting when their advantage decreases.

Many players prefer to place the same amount of bet on all types of hands rather than increasing or decreasing their bets. This type of method is generally applied in pitch games where one or two decks are used or even on the shoe games where more decks are being used. In shoe games the counts are usually quite stable so the player would be able to play consistently for many hands with a higher advantage.

MIT Techniques

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Card Counting

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