Famous Members

MIT Blackjack Team knew how to play and knew how to win at the game. The group of college students walked away with millions of dollars from casinos in Vegas over the years due to their skills. They developed a careful strategy and mastered their skills, which allowed them to count cards and win money each time. It took years of practice and careful training for the MIT members to excel at card counting.

Several MIT members have since then become very popular.

J.P. Massar

J.P. Massar had been the founding member of the legendary MIT Blackjack Team. Massar was a member of the first ever team from MIT that had used the card counting technique in a group format to earn profits at the casinos in Atlantic City.

Bill Kaplan

Bill Kaplan had been managing his own team for three years before he met Massar from the original MIT Team. Bill Kaplan was the man who turned around the team's fate by introducing various strategies and team management techniques in the MIT Blackjack Team.

Mike Aponte

Mike Aponte had never been interested in card games until he attended MIT and learnt about the MIT Blackjack Team. Mike was soon hooked and quickly became one of the most successful members of the MIT team.

Dave Irvine

David Irvine, or as he is popularly known, Dave Irvine was a member of the famous MIT Blackjack Team. He had been a member of the same team as Mike Aponte. The team had won millions of dollars at casinos all over US and even abroad during their career.

Semyon Dukach

Semyon Dukach had been a member of the MIT Blackjack Team and a professional blackjack player. He had been featured in the books Bringing down the house and Busting Vegas, and the only player to be referred to by his real name in the book.

Johnny Chang

Johnny Chang was a member of the famous MIT Blackjack Team. He was also one of the very few members that had been a part of the team from beginning to end. Johnny Chang has also received the honor of being included in the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

MIT Techniques

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Card Counting

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MIT Members

The MIT blackjack team always welcomed all people who wanted to become professional card counters, but not all of them became noticable. Read about famous team members.

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