Million Dollar Blackjack

Much information can be found and gathered about this or that famous blackjack book which has chanced the history of blackjack development and made its author to become one more significant figure of the card game of blackjack. Million Dollar Blackjack is not an exception: its author Ken Uston is a well-known blackjack gambler who changed the history of blackjack forever.

About the Author

Ken Uston was born in 1935 and was a very famous strategist, author and blackjack player. He had been the one who made the concept of team play in blackjack popular. It was during the early 70s that he earned a lot of popularity for being one of the earliest card counters in teams. He had formed his own teams that had earned millions of dollars over the years from casinos around the world.

As a result he had also been banned from several casinos in many countries. Ken Uston was also known for disguising and dressing up in different costumes in order to hide his identity and play at the casinos. One of the things Uston was most popular for was for winning a lawsuit against the casinos. The New Jersey court had ruled that casinos could not ban anyone from the table for card counting. The case had been quite high profile and had made Ken Uston famous.

The Book

Million Dollar Blackjack was written by Ken Uston in 1981 and is being considered the bible for blackjack card counters. The book sold more than 100,000 copies since it was published and is known to be the first book that talks about group play and card counting techniques.

Ken Uston talks about various different methods for card counting in the book including the plus minus technique and the advanced point count for which Uston had been famous. These techniques can help players increase their probability for earning profits and minimize their risks. The book also included flashcards to help readers practice the methods listed in the book. Since the release of the book, the flashcards have been named as one of the most effective way for learning card counting and have also been produced and sold as blackjack products by several manufacturers.

Other than providing a wealth of information on how to count cards, the book also has a lot of information about the history of the technique and also about the author's personal experiences while playing at the casinos. Ken Uston talks about various incidents where he had been pitted against the pit bosses and dealers and how he successfully fooled them all while making money.

Million Dollar Blackjack is not only one of the most important books in the history of blackjack, but also one the most interesting. The book helps the readers to improve their own play and their winnings while providing an amusing and entertaining read.

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