Johnny Chang

The MIT Blackjack Team took years of practice and innovative skills to come up with strategies that were guaranteed to make them win millions at the casinos. Johnny Chang was a member who had been the witness to the evolution of this legendary game through till the end.


Johnny Chang enrolled in MIT towards the end of the 1970s and had been a student of the electrical engineering course. Johnny Chang had been a serious student and though he had attended the course on card counting, the course where it all began for the MIT Team, he had not signed up with the earlier members.

After two years, while he was still at MIT he came across a spring break offer which offered to pay him $300. He found out that the job was related to the Blackjack team. A group of students were putting together a team that would use the card counting. The applicants were required to go through a training period and were offered $300 to play at the casinos in Atlantic City during their spring break.

Johnny Chang signed up for the job and was trained. During the first few weeks, he did not succeed at the game. He was moved to a lower position in the team while he continued to practice his skills. Soon, he excelled at the game and became one of the most important members of the team. He played with the earliest MIT Teams that used to travel to the Atlantic City on weekends to play in the casinos there.


Several years later, Chang co founded the Strategic Investments group along with Bill Kaplan and J.P. Massar. This was a new MIT team which had a large investment of one million dollars. The three partners then started to seriously recruit new members and began training them. The group had been an instant success. Within ten weeks the team doubled the initial investment and continued to play for millions of dollars in Las Vegas.

Soon enough, the casino managements in Vegas began figuring out their winning techniques and it became increasingly difficult for the teams to play in the casinos in Vegas. The members of the teams became frustrated and finally in 1993 the group had been dissolved by the partners.

However, even with the end of Strategic Investments, Johnny Chang continued to play blackjack. In 2007, Chang had been made a member of the prestigious Blackjack Hall of Fame along with the greatest names in the game. His ability to count down two decks of cards in under a minute had earned him immense success in 2005. Even today Chang enjoys a game of blackjack at the local casinos.

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