In the history of Blackjack, there was one group that had almost been legendary and is still remembered today for their achievements in the field, as some blackjack movies and blackjack books are devoted particularly to them. Determined to beat the casinos, the group revolutionized the concept of blackjack by using one simple strategy, card counting. Here is how the famous MIT Blackjack team originated.

It all started when MIT introduced a short term course in the college titled "How to gamble if you must" in the year 1979. Several students living in MIT's dorm at that time were already keenly playing poker regularly in their rooms and decided to attend the course to learn more about blackjack

The MIT Blackjack Team had successfully beaten casinos all over the world to earn millions of dollars in profits. The teams that consisted of MIT students soon expanded and grew and during their peak, the members had lived a luxurious lifestyle and had encountered many exciting adventures.

Constantly trying to avoid the heat from the casinos while trying to still win money at the game, the team had an interesting lifestyle.

Several blackjack movies have been made based on their real life story, some of which have been mentioned below:

The Last Casino

The MIT Blackjack Team had gained much popularity during their peak since they had managed to win millions of dollars and had led a lavish and interesting lifestyle. Several books have been written and movies have been made based on their life, including The Last Casino.


The movie 21was based on the bestselling book, Bringing Down the House. The movie was instantly a success and made the MIT Blackjack Team and the concept of card counting popular all over again. The movie has since then brought to light many details about the team which were not known to people before.

MIT Techniques

Find out everything concerning methods and techniques used by the MIT blackjack team for winning! You will reveal the secret of their success and big winnings at once.

Card Counting

Be ready to learn everything regarding such a blackjack winning strategy as card counting! If the information given is not enough for you, discover more at the website!

MIT Members

The MIT blackjack team always welcomed all people who wanted to become professional card counters, but not all of them became noticable. Read about famous team members.

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