Be Careful of 10

The most common value in the game of blackjack is 10. Not only are there four of these in a pack, but all picture cards equal this number.

With that in mind, each time you take a hit in the game, there is greater chance of picking up a 10 than any other value.

If you are lucky enough to land a starting hand which totals 11, you will be aware that there is a good opportunity to hit the magic number of 21 if you take a further card at this stage.

On the flip side to this, in theory, each time you gamble on 12 or above, you are only one card away from busting as a 10 would ensure you exceed 21.

There are very few cases in blackjack where it is best to stand on anything less than 15, despite a 10 being the most common value. However, if you are on 15 or 16 and in two minds about whether to stand or hit, it might just be worth consider this fact and it should help you to make your decision.

It is very important to look out for a 10 in the dealer’s upcard. This is something you do not want to see as it means your opponent is in a position of strength. They would only need a seven or above and they would be able to stand. If they do have one of the cards which equates to a 10, it is definitely worth adapting your tactics to hit until you reach as close to 21 as possible without being reckless. Standing on 16 or below would leave you vulnerable and needing a lot of luck to go your way.

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